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The New Trendy Army Style

There is nothing new about the army style being presented on the catwalk and then being adapted to the casual articles of clothing. The first such appearance can be related to the 70s, when Yves Saint Laurent brought the army style into everyone's attention. This style has become more and more popular ever since, although it could be oriented towards a single professional area. However, most of the outfits only keep a few elements from the original outfits or uniforms.

Here area few things about why this army style is so highly appreciated. The specialists in fashion give more reasons for this. First of all, this is a trend and it is very impressive. People seem to feel more protected when wearing military jackets and they feel safer. This is not about a sort of fashion which is only addressed to women. It is rather a fashion style which is addressed to the masses.

The army style combines the hardcore elements with the soft ones and it combine the feminine touch with the masculine one. There are different details and feminine elements which lead to a very attractive result and which fit modern people.

There are also voices which claim that this style is a very practical one, which is what makes it so popular and appreciated. The clothes following this style have a lot of pockets and there are more and more women who have to keep their phones and their keys close. Also, the colours are very attractive and they succeed in fitting most of the silhouettes and most of the constitutions in the world.

There are all kinds of military clothes today, from tops to pants, from skirts to dresses, all these pieces of clothing being just as successful.