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How to select the best Chinese style dress for you

For Chinese dresses and Asian gowns there are similar rules as for all women's apparel: Choose styles that underline your best qualities to show yourself in the best way. The stated-below tips can support you in dressing for your body shape and make any event as noteworthy as possible. If you have large breasts however, you'll want to avoid wearing shoulder pads because they can draw more attention to your top.

Chinese silk dress

1. Apple shape

Ladies with an apple-shaped figure should choose Asian fashion that emphasize other body parts than their midsection. A high waistline damps the problem of China gowns being too close around the waist and gives various design alternatives to find the right fit. Ladies with long legs have also the advantage of selecting shorter China silk dresses.

2. Petite

Women with small body shapes should look for short Oriental gowns in simple styling. Often ankle-length or full skirts are too large or too long for a small body shape. You can combine a Chinese dress with decent and elegant jewelry, so that the waistline and upper body will be highlighted and your face and hair will be dislayed in better way. Earrings additionally emphasize the face, neck, and upper body.

3. Slim figure

Slim-figured ladies have a lot of possibilities. They should remind always, that the longer and straighter the China dress is, the more slender they will look like. Slim and tall ladies can add some curves to their appearance with a bell-shaped Chinese silk dress and attract the viewers attention to the bust region. A further possibility for a woman trying to show more curves are belted China silk gowns that emphasizes the waistline.

4. Pear shape

Chinese fashion with an A-line or full skirt is a very good possibility for a pear-figured woman because it distracts attention from the hips. Furthermore, a fitted top can emphasize the upper body. In this case you can wear jewelry and pull your hair up in order to to point out the face and your upper parts. By using a small handbag or belt which flatters laxly around a woman's waist she always can minimize her hips.

5. Hourglass shape

Ladies with an hourglass body can choose always many different designs. With such a body shape you can select your dress or silk gown with short or long sleeves, also without sleeves, and you can wear any jacket or Chinese top, maybe together with a Chinese vest. You can display your figure by wearing nearly all designs of China gowns.

Chinese inspired dress online shopping

Even if you already know what dress you want to wear, you should still shop around just in case. Sexy Asian dresses combine the elaborate elegance of Chinese tradition with unique elements of style, like the high collar and the attractive slits, which set off the beauty of the female shape. Prices can be compared when making the final purchase. Because of their particular charm Chinese silk dresses are like a wonderful flower in the colorful fashion scene.

When you have choosen the appropriate sexy Asian gown style for your body shape, then you can begin with shopping. I suggest for doing so by use of an Internet shop. It's very comfortable by surfing through China fashion websites with various designer selections of China dresses, where you can compare all the possible colors, different sizes, designs, and prices, and where you additionally can find a large amount of shoes, also jewelry and accessories to perfect your own China dress and Chinese prom gown collection.

In general Asian dresses are made of different high quality fabrics, like brocade, satin, cotton, silk brocade and thai silk. You can purchase China gowns in the above mentioned Asian fashion online shops for kids as well as for boys, girls, children, men, young ladies, mature women and in plus sizes. You can get an Oriental dress for evening, party and cocktail events for both summer and winter. Various motives are used for Asian dresses, like dragon, phoenix, butterfly, plum blossom, cherry blossom, fish, flower, peony, chrysanthemum, peacock, longevity, bamboo, lotus und you can get them embroidered. On many online shops you can purchase Chinese gowns as well as cheap Chinese dresses for less than 100 $ or € on sale. Internet web stores often get inexpensive discount Chinese dresses under 100 $ or € and more cheap Chinese clothes.

Chinese silk dresses

The Chinese made use of silk for pretty much everything. From men’s ties to women’s blouses silk was the material of choice. Not everybody could afford silk clothing though. This was because cultivating silk was an extensive and expensive process due to which the cost of silk was high. Hence it was only the rich and elite nobility that could afford Chinese silk apparel whereas the poor would make use of hemp and ramie. As such silk became a status symbol in China. Silk was far more popular with the women than it was with the men although the use of silk was common amongst both the sexes. Women could be seen sporting the cheongsam which was a one piece body hugging suite. This traditional Chinese silk dress is very popular in current times and is available in a wide variety of designs using silk as the base material. The Qipao is a classic enclothe with brave quality demands in their producing, which will never be a dress for mass market only, but everytime for individual female customers. Initially this used to be a blouse like garment worn as an undergarment. With the passage of time it became a popular fashion trend. Today the silk Asian dress Qipao is worn as a regular top rather than an undergarment.

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