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Suriyawong’s Dress

Chotiros Suriyawong’s Dress Is Too Sexy for Thai Public

Thai Student Black Dress

Believe it or not, Wearing an Elizabeth Hurley-inspired dress can get you a community service! This is what happened to Chotiros Suriyawong,a small Thai actress when she appeared with very revealing dress at Subhanahongsa Awards. Some said she did a commando.Yes, we are talking about h

er appearing in a dress that makes you wonder if she got her underwear. We have to ask: what’s the big fuss about? After all, the right “dress to kill” can launch a career for any number of aspiring stars. The same happened to Elizabeth Hurley when she was still a struggling actress. A sexy safety pin black dress designed by Versace that she wore to a movie premiere back in 1994 managed to put her in the limelight and thus bring her up to a new level. For Chotiros it was a poor strategy, a step badly taken. The dress, and her apparent lack of undergarments, caused a public outcry, with the Thai press berating the 22-year-old for offending Thai culture with the barely-there outfit, and web chat boards discussing little else. Since the dress

made its debut at the awards ceremony on February 9, there have been tears, apologies and retribution in Thailand, which is increasingly seeking to balance its traditional Buddhist value

s with the country’s raunchier side, which attracts hundreds of thousands of tourists a year.

Her Bangkok-based

university on Thursday decided to take appropriate action against its rebellious student. “We gave her a warning and asked her to do 15 days of community service, reading books and recording it for blind people,” the Thai-language Daily News quoted the university’s deputy president, Parinya Thaewanarumittkul, as saying. Chotiros, is a 22-year-old liberal arts major at Thammasat University, one of the country’s most respected academic institutions, wore it at the Feb. 9 Golden Swan awards ceremony, Thailand’s equivalent of the Oscars. News also has it that Thailand’s biggest production company, Sahamongkol Film, said it would cut her small part in their upcoming movie “Beautiful Samurai”.“We are not a porn company, I don’t like the actress to show her body, it is not a good image,” Khao Sod newspaper reported Somsak Techaratanaprasert, the company’s president, as saying.

Chotiros Suriyawong Revealing Sexy Black Dress (Thai Student)